The All New Audi A6 2019

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The All New Audi A6 2019

May 6, 2019 / 80 Comments / 813 / AUDI, Blog
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Today we will talk about Audi A6 2019. The supercar with a smart classy look. The car has S-line versions shape bumper,19inch alloy wheels, lowest stiffened suspensions. All this designed aligned together make Audi A6 steel people’s heart by sexy looks. The car dashboard interior has a big black panel. The quality of the materials used is really good.

The Audi A6 2019 provides you adjustment able steering wheel and seat with lots of headroom in the front seat. It is best for all hight people you can adjust the seat as per your need and requirement.

Infotainment System :

The operating system has an automated touch screen. The graphics and everything are pretty sharp. It’s really nice and reasonably responsive. The internet connectivity with news feed can be used for google maps satellite navigation. It also gives you apple car play and android auto-sharing, so that you can run your phone’s maps through the systems. The system also provides you voice command feature. The virtual cockpit is very nice and you can change the view from small to large.

Equipment levels you will get with A6:

The A6 range starts with sports model and here the quick rundown of its kit.

• You get high definition reversing camera plus front and rear parking sensors.
• Cruise control
• Lane departure warning
• leather seats
• Sports steering wheel (S-Line versions) with perforated leather.
• Brushed matt aluminum inlays.
• Body-hugging sports seats with electrical adjustment.


Options which I like personally:

  1. Tour pack– Which includes a clever cruise control system which will automatically break to keep your safe distance from the car in front and will steer to keep you in lane its even works in traffic jams.
  2. Technology pack– It includes a larger screen so you get 10-inch screen rather than an 8-inch screen, faster processor, fully digital driver display rather than just 2 analog dials. There are two USB ports and wireless charging port with a 12V socket.

Let’s talk about back seats of A6:

The size of the back door’s is decent with spacious knee room. This car has more backspace than BMW S-Series and Mercedes E-Class.

Boot: The boot capacity is exactly the same as a BMW S-Series. It has extra storage for the spare wheel.

1. It is ab cylinder car with a 48volt electrical system and mild hybrid technology, which helps in energy savings and charge up to a battery. when you lift acceleration up it apparently saves 1 liter of fuel in every 88 miles.
2. You can set up a different user profile for the car and it will remember your favorite seating position music you like to listen to and which routes you like to take for the trip.
3. The Audi connect security system allows you to track your car remotely by using an audio app at your phone.

Engine Specifications:

Currently, there are only two models in the UK and both are on diesel.
It comes with 7-speed automatic gearbox as standard. Then there’s the 3-liter V6 diesel with 286 horsepower and 8-speed automatic gearbox. eventually, some more will be added to the line up including 3-liter V6 petrol.
• The A6 has sport air slider suspension which means it’s not quite so good over bumps.
•The breaks are good they are nice and predictable you don’t have to press them too hard and it stops well.

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