Land Rover Has Finished Testing The New Defender

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Land Rover Has Finished Testing The New Defender

June 5, 2019 / 50 Comments / 850 / Land Rover
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Prototypes Of The New Land Rover Defender Completed The Next Test Program Before Launching Into The Series. This Time The Cars Drove Through The Boran Reserve In Kenya.

Defender is a living legend of the class of SUVs, so the new generation of the cult model should not be worse than its predecessor on rough terrain. For this, Land Rover actively tests pre-production prototypes and publishes teasers on the eve of the premiere of the model.


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Land Rover


This time, the brand reported on the results of tests of cars in Kenya, where the British non-profit organization Tusk Trust used the SUV for its work on the protection of wildlife in Africa.


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Pre-series land rover defender was engaged in a wide variety of work – from tracking lions, marked with radio tags, and transporting equipment to traveling off-road and towing heavy trailers. Engineers of the brand for work in Kenya adapted the car, equipping it with an additional snorkel, as well as changing the camouflage coloring to match the car’s African landscape.

In the reserve Borana prototype collided with a variety of obstacles – from dense forests and rivers to blurred roads and cliffs, but, as noted in the Land Rover, the car adequately coped with all the challenges that fell to his share.
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In general, the test program of the new Land Rover Defender includes more than 45,000 tests in different parts of the world, including the highlands in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, in the heat up to +50 in the desert and in the cold to -40 beyond the Arctic Circle.


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Land Rover


On teasers, it is clear that the new SUV will receive a 3- and 5-door body with a short and long wheelbase, respectively. A single-cab pick-up is expected later.

Date of the premiere of the new Defender is not officially named. Land Rover promises that this will happen at the end of 2019, and, according to rumors, the SUV will be shown in September, but it is not known whether the presentation will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show or at a separate event.


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