BMW Introduced The Coupe, Convertible M8 And Version Of The Competition

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BMW Introduced The Coupe, Convertible M8 And Version Of The Competition

June 8, 2019 / 47 Comments / 750 / Blog, BMW
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BMW declassified four new cars at once – a coupe and an M8 cabriolet, and also showed, along with the base cars, a Sporting Competition modification for each model variant.

After numerous spy photos that have appeared in recent months, the BMW M8 is finally officially presented. This is the first M-version of the 8-Series since the 1990s model never had an M8 modification.




The modern BMW M8 has got a 4.4-liter turbocharged petrol V8 from the latest generation BMW M5 sedan. 
In the base case, the engine produces 600 hp. 
To this is not enough, he can order a BMW M8 Competition with a 617-horsepower engine option. 
Moreover, the sports modification is available for both versions of the model – both the coupe and the convertible.




But whatever BMW M8 you choose, it will be equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive xDrive. From a spot to 100 km / h, the new sports car accelerates in 3.1 seconds, and the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h (with the M Driver’s Package – 305 km / h). This makes the new product as dynamic as the much more expensive Aston Martin Vantage and Ferrari 812 Superfast.




For the M8, there are many options for setting up the machine systems – both for comfortable trips, and for maximum impact on the race track. A company-wheel drive has a special rear-wheel drive mode, allowing plenty to drift when the driver wants it.

Modified in comparison with the base BMW 8-Series suspension combined with re-tuned steering, brakes are strengthened, which can be carbon-ceramic, and the exhaust system allows you to choose several sound options. Preserved and proprietary M-button on the center console, activating the most aggressive settings with one click.



Visually, the BMW M8 family is distinguished by a dark body decoration, new exhaust pipes, a thin spoiler on the trunk lid, 20-inch wheels and an optional M Carbon Exterior Package, which adds carbon elements to the body. In the salon, there were sports seats, emblems M and a number of branded accessories.

The public debut of the BMW M8 family will be held at the end of June in Munich at the #NextGen event. Cars will go on sale in September 2019.

Source: BMW

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